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Companies today, regardless of size, must embrace digital transformation to stay competitive. Cloud technology enables this transformation by providing services that are available 24/7 from anywhere.


However, migrating to the cloud represents a major cultural shift for many companies that have relied on private on-premise data centers for years.

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The transition can be daunting without the right expertise. That's where we come in. With our skilled and experienced team, we support companies through this business model transition with proven methodologies. We understand the challenges of cloud adoption and how to manage the change smoothly.


Our consultants become your trusted guides, ensuring secure and seamless migrations to the cloud. With our help, companies can confidently pursue digital transformation via the cloud and realize the full benefits these technologies offer.


Our expertise allows organizations to migrate legacy systems and processes to innovative cloud-based infrastructures and applications.

Let us make your cloud journey a success story!

Well-Architectured Reviews

Our Well-Architected services - Well-Architected assessment &  Well-Architected alignment workshop, arms you with critical insights, a strengthened architecture, and the expertise needed for a seamless migration that unlocks the full benefits of the Cloud.

Our expert cloud architects will assess your workload architecture against AWS best practices to improve security, performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency. We identify optimization opportunities and provide an action plan.

Our Well-Architected services arm you  with critical insights, a strengthened architecture, and the expertise needed for a seamless migration that unlocks the full benefits of the cloud.

Cloud Migration

We help you migrate your infrastructure and applications to the cloud, whether through lift-and-shift, re-platforming, or re-architecting approaches. Our certified experts seamlessly manage end-to-end migration to AWS and Azure.

We provide lift-and-shift migration, re-platforming, re-architecting of your current application & database  landscape with clear focus on security, compliance, and governance capabilities


"Minimize risk with our proof-of-concept migrations that demonstrate feasibility for your most critical use cases."


In the modern digital landscape, the traditional SDLC is inadequate. Organizations are shifting to agile methods to stay adaptable to user needs. Yet, manually handling microservices integration and deployment is tough. Here's where a DevOps CoE helps.

Here's how we, at ANSRIT can elevate your organization's success:

  • Craftsmanship in CI/CD Strategy

  • Infrastructure Empowerment

  • Unleash the Power of Automation

  • Strategic Automation Roadmap

  • Precision Implementation and DevOps Maturity Measurement

By providing thought leadership, best practices, and research-driven support, our Center of Excellence ensures that automation initiatives are not just aligned with your organization's goals but also secure, scalable, and sustainable.

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Open Field

Greenfield Implementation

We build future-proof cloud architectures from the ground up using infrastructure-as-code, containers, serverless, and microservices.


Our solutions are scalable, secure, and leverage cloud-native features.

SAP Migration

Let our SAP cloud experts guide you through planning and executing the migration of your SAP landscapes to AWS or Azure. We help you achieve your business goals while optimizing cost

We specifically help SMB market customers with end-to-end migration of SAP environments to cloud.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

We help you implement robust backup policies and disaster recovery processes, ensuring your data is protected. Our recovery solutions meet your RTO/RPO needs and compliance requirements.


Don't wait to reap the advantages of the cloud. Our backup and disaster recovery services provide a low-risk onramp to experience cloud efficiency and agility immediately.


"Sleep better at night knowing your data is safe, not worrying about outages."

Professional services

We offer Cloud consulting, architecture design, implementation, and migration services.

We help your organization adopt a cloud-first strategy through our cloud adoption workshop.

Data Cloud

Cloud Services

Minimize Risk

Proven migration methodology to minimize risks and downtime.

Assess & Architect

Evaluate readiness and architect the right cloud solutions.


Expertly manage migrations with a track record of success.  

Upskill & Enable

Help upskill your team and build internal cloud capabilities.

Automate & Optimize

Use automated tools and scripts to accelerate complex tasks and optimize your architecture for maximum cloud value.

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