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Gain in-depth knowledge of Amazon Web Services through practical training and hands-on application of the skills you have learnt. Gain confidence to take the AWS certifications to level up your career!

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How we do it

How We Do It

A three-week virtual training program that is focused on the skills required to become a cloud architect taught by an IT industry veteran who has now committed his time and skills to help cloud amateurs become professional cloud architects.


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AWS Solutions Architect

AWS Solutions Architect

Delve into the internals of AWS from the basics to the advanced. Master key AWS Concepts, like EC2, IAM, VPC, Route 53, S3, Deployment, Troubleshooting and Disaster Recovery on their massive infrastructure.

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AWS Cloud Practitioner

AWS Cloud Practitioner

Gain a deep understanding of the AWS basics like Cloud Computing, Storage and Networking, Deploying and Management.

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AWS Systems Operations

AWS Systems Operations

Master the operational aspects of AWS by learning how the cloud services, storage systems, databases, monitoring and fault tolerance work in the world of AWS

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Practical Project Management

Practical Project Management

Learn the inner workings of project management in large enterprises and why it is critical from a business as well as a technical perspective for efficient performance, all wrapped in a one day webinar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Busy professionals don’t have the luxury of free time. Even assumed otherwise, efforts to attain professional certification(s) is a different ball game. Preparations for academic or other competitive exams are extensive and exhaustive. The key lies in understanding the concept, practice rivalling seasoned professionals and choosing answers that are similar, but not the same, the challenge enforced by the time limit.
We are here to guide you in each step on the way to your certification.
YOU ARE NOT ALONE! People who have a good experience of working in traditional, on premise environment also need to hone their skills when it comes to understanding and managing Cloud Infrastructure. Hands-on lab exercises with a generous amount of practice can put you on par with aces who have attained better experience. Interviewers are furtively looking for contestants who have grasped the concept and are able to articulate them clearly, providing the perfect solution for any Use Case presented to them.
True, there are an abundance of videos online today but self-paced in itself is a dangerous paradox in that one doesn’t have an objective time frame in mind for completion. Furthermore, as informative as these videos may be, they lack the interactive component.
A structured mentoring program that suits your schedule with focus on getting fit with the fundamentals.
An instructor with years of real world experience in major global enterprises
Sample tests and labs realtime on the AWS Console
Tips and tricks for the exam
And of course, value for money
We carefully handpick the right instructor for each course so that you get the best of experience and knowledge.
Free seminars as trials for you to interact with your future mentor before you start the real deal. That way you know what you are getting into and with whom.
Flexible sessions for the courses as they all are offered at various levels and need different learning strategies. Don't fret! We are here for exactly that!


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